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Translated books

I love reading, no matter what language it’s in. So sometimes I translated books, which is basically reading and rewriting in another language. Since I’m bilingual Italian and English, translating between these two idioms is … Continue reading Translated books

Fasting 101

Ever thought of going a whole day without food or drink? Many people do it as a lifestyle, up to four times a months based on the moon cycle following ancient traditions from India. During … Continue reading Fasting 101

Playa y Arrecife

Tomamos el “urban” minibus por la infinita carretera, toda en curvas por seis horas hasta Puerto Escondido. Veníamos con una preparación gracias al cine italiano del grandísimo Salvatores, que nos muestra un pueblito de pescadores bajo … Continue reading Playa y Arrecife


It took her getting there to learn how to pronounce it. Not Ocsara, not Oacacca, not Ocsaca… Uahaca. That’s how an Italian would pronounce it. My mother had gone through a tough period at home … Continue reading OAXACA, Mamà