Playa y Arrecife

Tomamos el “urban” minibus por la infinita carretera, toda en curvas por seis horas hasta Puerto Escondido. Veníamos con una preparación gracias al cine italiano del grandísimo Salvatores, que nos muestra un pueblito de pescadores bajo … Continue reading Playa y Arrecife


It took her getting there to learn how to pronounce it. Not Ocsara, not Oacacca, not Ocsaca… Uahaca. That’s how an Italian would pronounce it. My mother had gone through a tough period at home … Continue reading OAXACA, Mamà

Beaching Nayarit

For this weekend’s getaway from the intensity of Guadalajara, my sister and I joined Fer, Mia the dog and their crew of friends to the coastal villages of San Pancho and Sayulita in the region … Continue reading Beaching Nayarit

Maloca Jahè

I wasn’t sure whether to trust Walter, he seemed too self-confident, too raw and determined. Also, he said he would ask us questions to decide if we had the right energy but only asked me … Continue reading Maloca Jahè