Translated books

I love reading, no matter what language it’s in. So sometimes I translated books, which is basically reading and rewriting in another language. Since I’m bilingual Italian and English, translating between these two idioms is … Continue reading Translated books


It took her getting there to learn how to pronounce it. Not Ocsara, not Oacacca, not Ocsaca… Uahaca. That’s how an Italian would pronounce it. My mother had gone through a tough period at home … Continue reading OAXACA, Mamà

Pipa Prensada

Cuando você chega a Pipa, todo o mundo fala este lugar vai atropar você aqui não vai conseguir ir embora acordar sim sentir o desejo ir na praia caminhar nas falésias rosadas ler um libro … Continue reading Pipa Prensada

Italiani & Deutsch

For our last After Babel language project, Lucas and I offer a parody of the stereotypes, stigmas, myths, symbols, prejudices and feelings that Germans and Italians in Maastricht treasure for each-other. Interviews from Hamburg to … Continue reading Italiani & Deutsch