Maloca Jahè

I wasn’t sure whether to trust Walter, he seemed too self-confident, too raw and determined. Also, he said he would ask us questions to decide if we had the right energy but only asked me … Continue reading Maloca Jahè

Hammock forest

We left the incredible place of Alter, caught a lucky ride with a boring and stressed lady just before the bus would pass by and make us spend the money we had left. Back in … Continue reading Hammock forest

Alter reality

The trip on the vessel San Marino II went by almost too fast, our little group of gringos, made up of the two argentine couples, the serious bikers from, a mochilera from São Paulo, … Continue reading Alter reality

Amazon Δ

There I was, finally inside the lungs of the earth, entering the delta of greatest river in the world for its capacity, sailing against the current, across the magnificent Amazon forest. On August 5th, Jan … Continue reading Amazon Δ

AHOW Pôr do Sol

Parece que a atividade mais amada nas praias do Brasil é ver o pôr do sol, e parece que não tem lugar melhor para essa atividade que em Jericoacoara, o único lugar que achei no … Continue reading AHOW Pôr do Sol